Thursday, September 10, 2009

HO companian

I've been selling books to HO in Ipoh Hospital where i do my practical now. These are the books they usually buy
These books are good for those who will become a HO. Its is also useful for medical students in their clinical year. Its provide quick reference for cases seen in the hospital

Sarawak Handbook of Medical Emergencies, 2nd Edition RM39
This practical handbook describes most commom medical condition that junior doctors may encounter in the course of their duty in a typical Malaysian hospital.

Frank Shann Pediatrics Drug dose 14th Edition RM 19
Its provide the doses of drug use in paediatric age group according to alphabet. Its give formula for every drug in dose/Kg/day

British national formulary BNF57 RM 105
This books provide drug information. Frankly speaking, all drug under the sun is in this book. The drugs are arrange according to systems eg CVS, RESP, CNS. Its provide generic as well as trade name of the drug, the dose, mechanism of action and adverse effect.

These books give information of the drug in a very simple way for quick reference. Its arrange acording to their trade name.

I also sell Paediatric Protocal for Malaysian Hospital 2nd edt. by KKM
Its provide a quick reference for assesment, investigation and management of comman paediatric cases in malaysia.

Beside these book, there also ON CALL series by elsevier. The title that usually HO needed are
On call Surgery
On call OBGYN

Oxford handbook series
clinical medicine (yellow,green
surgery(dark blue
clinical specialties (light blue

what my friends(HO) suggest are:
medicine & A&E posting: sarawak handbook
paediatric: paediatric protocol, frank shann drug dose
Surgery: On call Surgery or Oxford handbook of surgery
Drug info: BNF or MIMS

p/s: for those who are more experience pls leave a comment


  1. wow...nnt bile sy dh jd HO bole lh beli dr awk... =)

  2. Klu jd HO pn kna blaja mcm student, pttnya UM ni bg pass aje la bdk2 kn? Ms blaja mcm sial, tmbh plak 2 thn blaja (HO). Tk ke tolol tu..

    #ape brg, hang tulis bini hang jwb.. Muahahaha..

  3. Assalamualaikum. Sye xbljr kat RCMP, so mcm mne sye nak beli buku Frank Shann tu?

  4. nak sarawak handbook. cane nak beli? 0122587118 (anem)

  5. I would really like to get a hold of Frank Shann's Drug Doses. Can you help me?
    Lilly Tiger

  6. mudah jerk, hanta jerk email pada bukumed ni. Kat blog ni ader emmail die belah kanan interface

  7. hi i would like to buy frank ?

  8. just send your requested item at our

  9. still on lgi ke penjualan buku2 ni?

  10. ade sarawak handbook yg 3rd edition tak?

  11. looking for sarawak handbook and drugdoses..where can i get it?

  12. 3rd edition sarawak handbook dh ade???

  13. sir,iam a pediatrician from india ...DR.SOWMYA.I need Pediatric drug dosage book by Proff fank shann

  14. cn i still order...?

  15. nak tau,adakah buku MIMS tu dlm bentuk pocket book or what?ade lagi x?

  16. salam,boleh bagi hargaq package untuk ho punya tak?berapa ringgit kena spend?terima kasih

  17. slm , drug doses 15th edition ada x?klu ada harga berapa ya...? tq

  18. salam .saya ingin bertanya .buku MIMS tu ada jual dimana ?or can order here ?