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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ramadhan Crazy SALES 2011

Sunflower:Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics 3rd Edition (LATEST)

The book covers everything from neonatal problems to adolescence. Basics like common childhood respiratory complaints are covered, as well as rarer things like neuromuscular and genetic disorders. The chapters are divided into systems: gastroenterology, cardiology, behavioural problems, genital and renal etc. The first chapter is also an excellent introduction to history taking and examination (especially how paediatric examination differs to adults). All the major concepts are presented in a succinct, easy to understand manner. From a study point of view, the book is nicely set out, with lots of photos and coloured diagrams. Illustrated Paediatrics is a well written and concise book suitable for undergraduate medical students. Brief, to-the-point, and readable, it is very helpful close to exams. Its colour photos and illustrations make this book a worthwhile buy and ofcoz I found this easy to use and a very good resource for understanding not only milestones through development but also trauma and chronic/acute illness. A worthy book indeed

Normal Price : RM105
Sale Price : RM89 ONLY
FAST GRAB - Limited Stock Available

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

STOCK CLEARANCE SALE : Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Biochemistry

"Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry" is one textbook that should be given credit for its simple and illustrative way of imparting knowledge. This medium-sized book was essentially designed for non-biochem students who must take a course or two in biochemistry. It provides straightforward overview at any time revisions become necessary.

GOOD NEWS! Since this 5th edition is exactly the same as the one year old last edition, the 4th edition is now an incredible bargain! Get a copy before they are sold out. The 4th edition may be the BEST biochemistry class. After you use it in your medical school biochemistry class, just review the highlighted sections and the charts, etc. for the Step 1 and you'll ACE the biochemistry part of the exam. Also, this book helps integrate biochemistry with other classes, such as physio, pharm, cell-bio, etc., helping to make multi-disciplinary concepts more clear.

Yes, everyone knows that LIR Biochem 4th edition deserves 5 stars. However, LIR Biochem 4th edition, with a new cover on it that says 5th edition, only deserves 1 star (and I wish I could give it 0 stars).
Normal Price : RM89
Sale Price : NOW RM75 ONLY
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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery

Title : Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery

The indispensable surgical handbook - a cut above the rest
Covers the key topics and presentations that junior doctors and medical students need to know

Full description:
Thoroughly revised with a wide range of new topics, presentations, and a new layout to aid quick reference, the new edition of this bestselling Oxford Handbook serves as an accessible pocket reference for junior surgical trainees, medical students, nursing, paramedical and rehabilitation staff. It covers the assessment and preparation of the patient, anaesthesia and critical care, inflammation, wound healing and infection, and the key components of general surgical practice as well as chapters on other surgical specialties, including plastic, paediatric and orthopaedic surgery. There are step by step descriptions of common operative surgical techniques, practical hints and procedures, and information on signs, symptoms and rarities. Emergency presentations are clearly identified for rapid reference and investigations and management plans are set out in a clear and easy to follow way. Surgically relevant anatomy and physiology is provided for each area, quick reference symbols ensure the reader is guided to key facts and there is an increased focus on evidence-based practice throughout. A cut above the rest, this is the essential guide to clinical surgery and the surgical specialities.

Price : RM69 (682 pages)

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties

Title : Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties

All the clinical specialties under one cover
Content: OBGYN, paeds, psy, opthalmo,Primary care, ENT, Dermatology, Anaes, Eponymous syndromes, Ortho and trauma, Pre hosp imidiate care

Full description :
This new, mini edition of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties continues its long tradition of providing a unique resource for medical students and junior doctors, but now even more portable! It is an excellent companion for anyone who would like an introduction to the medical specialties, those who practice across a wide range of specialties, or whose field interacts with many other specialties. It is also ideal for those who simply enjoy broadening their medical knowledge, knowing that they will be equipped for any eventuality on the ward or in the field! There has been a substantial increase in the number of full-colour images and diagrams, helping the reader to develop their diagnostic skills and guiding them along the best course for management of an unprecedented spectrum of conditions, from acute glaucoma to zoster infection. Best evidence, advances in practice, and guidelines are all fully updated, including the latest BLS, APLS, and ATLS approaches. Furthermore, it gives practical insight into topics such as major incident management, and the assessment of developmental milestones in children. There are also new features throughout the book that help clear the mists from often confusing medical terminology. In combination with its companion volume, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (with which there is extensive and expansive cross referencing), the eighth edition should be an essential companion for any medical trainee or practitioner with the spirit of self-improvement and a verve for their practice.

Price : RM69 Only! (841 pages)

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (8th Ed)

Title : Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (8th Ed)

This new edition boasts even more full colour images,new chapter on HISTORY & EXAMINATION,and new material on RADIOLOGY, INFECTIONS & SURGICAL PROCEDURES.

Full description:
As ubiquitous in hospitals as stethoscopes, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is a guiding star for all medical students, junior doctors and trainees. The culmination of more than 20 years' clinical experience, and containing the knowledge and insight gained by more than 15 authors, the new eighth edition continues to be the definitive pocket-sized guide to today's clinical medicine. Packed with clear, clinical management advice which is practical to implement at the bed-side, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is written in a clear and didactic style. With witty, esoteric asides linking medicine to everything from the classics to popular culture, all the material is presented in a way that is instantly memorable and even easier to put into practice. With extensive improvements based on reader feedback, the new eighth edition boasts even more black and white and full-colour images, which are now larger to improve their clarity and ease-of-use. Mindful of how doctors' training is constantly evolving, a new chapter on 'history and examination' explores this relevant critical skill in depth, enabling you to elicit as much information from the patient as possible. An expanded radiology chapters features improved images, and new topics are devoted to new cancers such as nosocomial infections, and further common surgical procedures. The references have been thoroughly overhauled with 'key references' identifying the best places to start when researching the subject, and all references are fully accessible via the supporting website. Loved and trusted by generations of doctors, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine is a reassuring beacon of wisdom, knowledge and skills, that is forever in your sights.