Thursday, November 18, 2010

The new Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine 7th Edition

Key Features of the new edition:
  • thoroughly updated and revised throughout
  • Larger page size and clearer design for ease access
  • Free PIN-controlled access to full text and image bank through StudentConsult
  • One year's free access to the online version of Cecil Medicine; 3120-pages worth of major clinical reference work.
  • 14 new online-only chapters giving more detail about diseases with high impact in particular part of the world.

What StudentConsult give you free with this book?
  • Access to the full text and image bank for Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine
  • Downloadable images from the book.
  • Heart and Lung Sound!!
  • nimation of selected Procedure eg LP, catheterizatin, etc
  • Access to Drake's Interactive Surface Anatomy
  • Direct acces to the editors for question you may have