Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HO and student handbook

These book are good for those who will become a HO. It is useful for medical student in their clinical year. It provides quick reference for cases seen in hospital.
These practical handbook describes most common medical condition that junior doctors may encounter in the course of their duty in a typical Malaysian Hospital.


Promotion July 2010.

Pocket Davidson's Essentials of Medicine (Plastic Cover)

  • the contents have been carefully selected by a team of junior doctors, emphasizingonly the topics that will be essential for your clinical studies
  • The text draws directly on the depth and breadth of experience of the Davidson's authors and its international advisory board.
  • The condensed contain retains the acclaimed readability of the main textbook- so much more then a book of lists.
Added value! Additional section to those found in Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine 20th edition
  • A chapter on Major Investigation introduces the key diagnostic tests
  • Examples of typical OSCE scenarios prepare the students with this popular examination format
  • A chapter on Therapeutics describes the clinical use of the major drug groups
Davidson's Essentials - there when you need it!