Thursday, October 29, 2009

bisnes kembali rancak

yohoho~ i like this feeling.
setelah lama menyuram, tetiba ramai plak yg order buku. mungkin sbb hujung bulan kot. ramai org dpt gaji. Alhamdulillah~ rezeki aku bertambah. hehe.

so hujung minggu ni aku akan restock buku2 yg hangat dipasaran. terutama skali swak handbook.
kebetulan aku nak balik KL minggu ni nak tngk kosert AAR, so bleh la aku bwk balik buku berkotak2.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


dulu aku penah kate aku nak kemas buku2 aku bg kemas. nah! inilah hasilnya. kemas x? cantik x? smart x?
ini lah stock2 utk dijual. mmg buku2 ni ade kat rumah. so klo korang order mmg aku pos teros. cepat, slamat, xpayah susah payah pegi kedai. jimat minyak. inilah kehebatan teknologi. membeli buku dgn hanya menggunakan jari.
belilah buku dan baca buku banyak2. smoga health quality kat msia menjadi lebih baik dan disegani dunia.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Emergency Medicine

Memang tidak dpt dinafikan buku ini mmg penting. Banyak HO memerlukan buku ini setelah A&E posting diperkenalkan. Kebanyakan Emergency specialist kat msia ni suruh meds student, HO, MO to refer to this book.

Guide to the essentials in Emergency Medicine by Shirley Ooi & Peter Manning a.k.a singapore emergency medicine

buku ni terbahagi kepada 3 bagahian
1. Common Presentation
2a. specific condition in adult
2b. specific conditions in paediatrics
3. miscellaneous useful infomation

250 cases in clinical medicine

You think you can pass? Test your self!!!

250 cases in clinical medicine by R. R. Baliga (otak geliga)

It is a practical self-assesment text designed to help undergraduate and postgraduate candidates pass clinical examinations in general internal medicine

A wide range of clinical cases is features, each case following the same pattern:
  • the instruction to be expected from examiner
  • salient features, including history and guide to the specific examinations to be performed
  • concise diagnosis
  • question that examiner may ask with model answer
  • advance question with answer. If u can answer u are 1 step closer to pass MRCP

Oxford is the best!!!

Kawan2 Oxford. buku yg sangat best. kecil tp padat. senang dibawa kemana2. aneh, mcm mana 800++ muka surat boleh jadi senipis ini. mungkin ramai yg x sedar. tapi itulah kenyataannya.

Starting life in the early 1980s as handwritten notes to help the authors get through their junior doctor years, the oxford handbook of clinical medicine is now the world best pocket medical handbook. Itulah kisahnya...

The indispensable surgical handbook - a cut above the rest
Covers the key topics and presentations that junior doctors and medical students need to know

All the clinical specialties under one cover
Content: OBGYN, paeds, psy, opthalmo,Primary care, ENT, Dermatology, Anaes, Eponymous syndromes, Ortho and trauma, Pre hosp imidiate care

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ECG series

Mad about ECG!!!

Level 1

for 35 years been regarded as one of the best introductory guides to the ECG. Its directs users of the ECG to straightforward and accurate identification of normal and abnormal ECG patterns.
Level 2

is a clinically-orientated book,showing how ECG can help in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with symptoms suggesting CVS disease.

Level 3 (Test your self)

Test your ECG knowledge. This book provide exercises for your ECG knowledge like OSCE style. It give brief history of a patient and its ECG, the answers are on the next page. if u can answer more than half, then you are a cardiologist!

Netter Anatomy Flashcard

Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards
  • Boxed set of 324 flash cards help learn and test knowledge of muscles, bones,vessels,viscera,and the joints. Each card features a full-colored Netter illustration on the front,and concise text on back reviews areas or origin, insertion, action,innervation, and anatomical relevance.
  • Online access available trough
  • Reference the original plate in Netter's Atlas of Anatomy, 4th edt
  • cards are hole-punched in the upper left corner and can be placed on the included ring for maximum portability

Pocket gray's anatomy

Gray's Anatomy. Not anatomy of my hand.
Actually i wanna show u that this book is small

This book is like a flashcard.
  • 320 brilliantly illustrated
  • full color diagram
the front of each leaf features a detailed anatomical illustration; the back of the leaf identifies the structure depicted on the front and reviews their function, systemic relevance, clinical significant and more....

Making Neurological Diagnosis at the Bedside

Upper Motor Neuron? Lower Motor Neron? Cortical? Subcortical? Infarct or Hemorrhage? Arghh...!!! Dont worry, this book will help you.

A clinical guide for medical student
from University of Malaya Press

  • This book is based on the personal experience of the author as a neurologist and lecturer for seven years.
  • the author has strive to discuss the clinical approach to diagnose in the simplest and yet most comprehensive manner.
  • the algorithms help medical students to organize their thoughts so that they are prepared to examine any neurological patient.
  • The ultimate aims is to help medical students make neurological diagnose at the bedside after 5min of PE.

Promotion for Pocket Davidson

Pocket Davidson's Essentials of Medicine (Plastic Cover)

  • the contents have been carefully selected by a team of junior doctors, emphasizingonly the topics that will be essential for your clinical studies
  • The text draws directly on the depth and breadth of experience of the Davidson's authors and its international advisory board.
  • The condensed contain retains the acclaimed readability of the main textbook- so much more then a book of lists.
Added value! Additional section to those found in Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine 20th edition
  • A chapter on Major Investigation introduces the key diagnostic tests
  • Examples of typical OSCE scenarios prepare the students with this popular examination format
  • A chapter on Therapeutics describes the clinical use of the major drug groups
Davidson's Essentials - there when you need it!

Stethoscope Stylo!!!

Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

  • Innovative chestpiece design
  • Reliable and clear acoustics
  • Lightweight durable design
  • Tunable diaphragm for monitoring low and high frequencies
  • Single lumen tube
  • Convenient shape for blood pressure applications (cover more area and the 'muncung' can go under BP culff. NICE~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

HO companian

I've been selling books to HO in Ipoh Hospital where i do my practical now. These are the books they usually buy
These books are good for those who will become a HO. Its is also useful for medical students in their clinical year. Its provide quick reference for cases seen in the hospital

Sarawak Handbook of Medical Emergencies, 2nd Edition RM39
This practical handbook describes most commom medical condition that junior doctors may encounter in the course of their duty in a typical Malaysian hospital.

Frank Shann Pediatrics Drug dose 14th Edition RM 19
Its provide the doses of drug use in paediatric age group according to alphabet. Its give formula for every drug in dose/Kg/day

British national formulary BNF57 RM 105
This books provide drug information. Frankly speaking, all drug under the sun is in this book. The drugs are arrange according to systems eg CVS, RESP, CNS. Its provide generic as well as trade name of the drug, the dose, mechanism of action and adverse effect.

These books give information of the drug in a very simple way for quick reference. Its arrange acording to their trade name.

I also sell Paediatric Protocal for Malaysian Hospital 2nd edt. by KKM
Its provide a quick reference for assesment, investigation and management of comman paediatric cases in malaysia.

Beside these book, there also ON CALL series by elsevier. The title that usually HO needed are
On call Surgery
On call OBGYN

Oxford handbook series
clinical medicine (yellow,green
surgery(dark blue
clinical specialties (light blue

what my friends(HO) suggest are:
medicine & A&E posting: sarawak handbook
paediatric: paediatric protocol, frank shann drug dose
Surgery: On call Surgery or Oxford handbook of surgery
Drug info: BNF or MIMS

p/s: for those who are more experience pls leave a comment

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Nurfadhilah Mahli, UNIMAS S'WAK: Done.tq
Effy Saiful, Johor: Done.tq
Nur Farhana, Johor: Done.tq
Syakirin, Kuantan: Done.tq
Anna: dh pos
Mastura, Kuantan: done.tq
Ahmad Syahir, Melaka: done. tq
Md. Zaki, Sabah: done. tq
Sarah, Unimas: done. tq
Basyir, Shah alam: recived ur oder. dh pos
Amal syairah, putra jaya: recieved order. will pos on tuesday. tq

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Bailey & love


Browse's sign & symptoms of surgery

Monday, August 10, 2009


Snell clinical anatomy by region

Gray's Anatomy 

pharmacology & microbiology

Rang & Dale's (thick book)
Pharmaco Lipincott (illustrated)

LANGE series
Jawetz microbiolog
Katzung Pharmacolog

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Patho family

Baby Robin
Mama Robin
Papa Robin

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Ini lah jadinye bile rumah dijadikan tempat perniagaan. huhu.
xpe esk aku nk kemas. korang tengok la nanti~


Wheater's Histo (gambar real & banyak explaination)

Difiore's Histo (gambar lukisan tp nampak mcm real. senang nak tiru lukisan. nak tekap pun boleh. hehe)

Guyton, Ganong & Vander has arrived!!!

Harga buku berubah mengikut amount of UNIT yg di beli. Harga akan mengurang jika lebih byk UNIT yg di beli.

Ganong Vander 

Friday, July 31, 2009

Tendon Hammer

Tendon Hammer


MIMS 117th edt 2009
British National Formulary 57 (march 2009)